Playdates en Español

Spanish learning with a focus on PLAY!


Playdates en Español: Regular opportunities to engage with the Spanish language in a familiar, relaxed environment - your home!

$60 per session (2 hrs) up to 2 children from the same family

+$10 per additional child per hour

$45 per session (2 hrs) up to 2 children from the same family when combining with another family (max 4 children in total)

Who are these for?

Ideal for busy families with children under 7 years that can’t make it to our family classes, but want play-based opportunities for kids to learn in.

Children from 5 years and up can benefit from our formal private lessons, but as research indicates children learn best through play until 7 years of age, so we support this too!

Where do they happen?

Your home, your friend’s home, the beach, the park! Wherever you like!

When do the sessions run?

At a time and day that suits you and your family. It’s better for the children’s learning and relationship with their playdate-mate to have a consistent time and day every week. There will always be room for flexibility but please bear in mind it is up to the discretion of your playdate-mate to keep time slots available. It’s best to lock in one or two regular playdates per week to get the most benefits!

What do my kids learn?

Spanish that is relevant to THEIR play and THEIR lives which is the MOST authentic way to learn. There are no lessons or vocabulary lists to tick off in these sessions. Learning is organic and fluid, but also recorded and built on in each session.

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